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Our gift set includes 4 Fruit Tea Sampler (2 oz) and Takeya Ice Tea Maker.

Taste our loose leaf Fruit Tea flavors! Our Fruit  Tea Sampler is the perfect way to sample some of the latest blends from Everlastea. You get 4 Loose leaf tea bags 2 oz each.

Wild Berry Tea - rose hips with the antioxidant properties of the elderberry, resulting in a lasting fruit taste. Adding the fragrance of blooming hibiscus petals, Wild Berry Tea is a nutritious infusion!

Passion Berry Fruit Tisane - is a delightful blend of fruits and flowers, bursting with flavor and free of caffeine!

Cranberry Orange Fruit Tisane this citrus blend is full of antioxidants and flavor, both of which add a refreshing zing to your taste buds. Plus a new supply of vitamin C boost to your body. With some rooibos to balance out this flavor brew!

Triple Berry Tea - is a leafy herbal spectacle a blend of strawberry leaves, myrtle leaf, blueberry leaf, hibiscus flower, rose hips, juniper berry, and natural fruit flavor.

Takeya Ice Tea Maker - We love freshly brewed iced tea. Just Add tea, add water and shake with ice or steep it overnight in the fridge.

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