Our Story


 Bringing Happy & Healthy with every sip

Living your life to the fullest is so important to our company. We believe that with the right kind of tea, it will start your day full of energy, to the cup that will relax you for your sleep. Many people drink sodas, juices, and other harmful drinks. This will get your family to enjoy drinks to a new level. From hot to iced teas, and fruity to strong.

Our Story 

Our story started with my brother and sister in law opening their first Everlastea from their home. Many people bought teas and business was booming. After having two girls, very close to age, they had to close down the doors. I saw an opportunity and the need in our community to continue.  

I was the youngest of our family of (7) until my mother gave birth to my little brother (8). After birth of our youngest brother, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. As everyone was older, I was always babysitting my little brother. And in the evenings, after everyone was home, we would always have hot/iced tea and talk to each other. Tea-time always meant family time. 

The importance of living healthy, is not what you eat and drink, but also having people gathered over a cup of tea to raise your health.




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